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Judotus perfume oils llc. was started back in 1994 by Mr. Judotus Shuler. The company has been in business ever since then. We have been going business in the charleston city market located in charleston south carolina. we have been a family business for many years. Mr. Shuler prided his self into howing customers that a little bit goes along way when it comes to natural products before they are processed into different things for ex. the african 100% raw shea butter has been around for many years and know it is the most popular item in the health and beauty field you find it in shampoo's conditioner's and even in lotions to lip balms but it is a big differnce when you are using the shea butter in its purest form. so we strive to teach customers about the meaning and knowledge of natural products all the products we have are the first step before they are made into something else.

we appreciate everyone who has been supporting us since we have opened our doors and we hope that you contuine to enjoy our products and use them.

if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call we are open 365 days a year. This website is decated to Mr. Shuler he has passed on so much knowledge and energy to so many people i have to thank him for being my father. I have learned alot from him and everyday i strive to do my best at everything that i do.

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